Reception with Food Market

Monday 11th of March: 18:30.
Enjoy our kick-off at the Faculty Club in Leuven on the first evening of our conference. Several caterers present their experimental and innovative take on food.


Every bite of KRIKET is tasty, full of energy and kind to our planet. Delicate, soft, and nutty, these nutritionally rich little buggers will make your taste buds jump any time of the day.

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Robin Food

Robin Food saves food waste by turning it into delicious and healthy products, making nutritious food available to all.

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Farmer Heirbaut with algae poducts

Micro-algae are tiny single-celled 'plants'. On Heirbaut’s farm, they grow the micro-algae chlorella. This is a green freshwater algae with a deep vegetable flavour somewhat reminiscent of watercress or spinach. Discover cheese, icecream and even chocolate with algae.

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La Vie est Belle

Balanced, clean, local & reliable. Taste delicious, high-quality vegetarian products close to the source.

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Kopje Zwam

Kopje Zwam stands for 100% circular. This urban agriculture project in Bruges grows oyster mushrooms on residual flows such as coffee grounds, and microgreens on compost. From oyster mushrooms they make plant-based food products, such as burgers, bitterballen and vegan minced meat, for the catering industry and consumers.

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Visits: Showcases of innovative practices

TRANSfarm: Monday 11th of March 14:30-18:00

TRANSfarm is the brand new pilot center for circular bio-economy at KU Leuven. It hosts upscale infrastructure to pilot lab scale research to a demonstration scale for researchers together with end-users. In the animal facilities the focus is on sustainable animal production with functional feed trials, novel management approaches and striving for zero emissions in aquaculture, swine and poultry production. The Veglay food lab hosts plant based, additive free and only mildly raffinated processes in a food grade production environment. In the pilot hall, upscale infrastructure for biomass conversion -Biocon- and stand-alone hydrogen production -Solhyd- are located. And on their experimental fields they focus on multiple land use, protein shift, water and drought and biodiversity.

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Bio-Incubator Leuven: Tuesday 12th of March 13:45-17:15

Bio-incubator Leuven is fully dedicated to biomedical life sciences and offers opportunities for both start-ups and established companies. Bio-incubator provides multifunctional ventilated office and lab space, as well as general and technical, logistical and environment-technical support, to R&D intensive life sciences companies with high growth potentials.

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Sustainable practice at Park Abbey Tuesday 12th of March: 17:45

Park Abbey is a unique and special heritage site in Leuven, where historical heritage and vibrant activity meet flawlessly. Craft and agriculture were given a contemporary future here. In Park Abbey, after all these centuries, people are still working, living, thinking and praying, but in the manner of today, in line with the motto 'tradition in renewal and renewal in tradition'. During each stop, our guide treats you to a delicious snack prepared with local, sustainable (abbey) products, as well as a refreshing drink, a taster of abbey beer and an apple juice made from apples from the abbey's orchard.

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